The President and his Best Friend

SAF 44 – Tagaligtas

Hereos today, Legends tomorrow. #TruthfortheFallen44

First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest condolences and utmost gratitude on the families and loved ones of the slain SAF Troopers and the SAF Survivors. They have done our country and our people a great deed, sacrificing their lives for the sake of peace. Thank you for showing true public service, Mabuhay kayo!

Public service. Public trust. An elected government official, such as the President of the Republic of the Philippines, owes his mandate in office to the people who voted for him, or as President Noynoy Aquino would like to refer them as, his “boss.” This mandate, this trust given to him by 15,208,678 registered Filipino voters must be respected and honored, he owes this people to follow his mandate, do his job as the President of the Republic.

Then came Mamasapano and Alan Purisima.

BFFs Aquino and Purisima

Pnoy BFF

The President and his best friend. The President and the PNP, no, former PNP Chief are thick as thieves and has been together ever since then Lieutenant Purisima of the PSG was assigned as a security detail to then Presidential Son, Noynoy Aquino. With all the mutiny and coup attempts, the life threats and close encounter with a certain death, it would be a no-brainer that these two will form a close bond of friendship. A bond and trust that even allegations of corruption, pending cases, suspension orders and 44 dead SAF Troopers cannot torn asunder. As evident by these disturbing news article: “PNoy: No regrets that Purisima supervised SAF operation.” This old article  I unearthed is a fantasy – you (PNoy) keep wishing it is true but the glaring truth is quite the opposite: “PNP chief Purisima ‘still has moral ascendancy’ – Aquino

Truly, I admire the President’s loyalty to his friend and comrade.  I myself believe loyalty is an important trait we must look in the people around us. But what about his Excellency’s loyalty to his “bosses”, to the fifteen million Filipinos who voted for him to the rest who he leads? Which should come first, your loyalty to your friend or your loyalty to your office and your people? Mr. Aquino, public office is a public trust.

Who should be accountable?

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and PNP OIC Chief Leonardo Espina – both no informed and was bypassed in the Mamasapano Operation

Senators, experts on military and public policy all agree that there was mismanagement on the operation and the PNP chain of command was blatantly disregarded. Purisima was a suspended official since December 2014, thus has no right to maintain control and responsibility with the operations of PNP – now is in the hands of Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina. I don’t believe the President is not aware of this – he should be aware of this. Espina and SILG Mar Roxas both were un-informed of the SAF operation – Purisima and relieved SAF Director Getulio Napeñas claiming that key personnel, which also includes the AFP’s Generals in the Western Mindanao Command were to be informed “time-on-target” or as the operation is underway, to prevent leakage of the operation. Was that part of the operation questionable? It depends on the side you are on. But all arguments sets aside, our common sense dictate that if your superior is suspended, you should report to the next in line above you and not bypass them.

January 9, 2015, another meeting was held at Bahay Pangarap (the President’s residence) regarding the operation with Purisima and Napeñas, therefore raises MORE questions: Why would the President meet with a suspended police officer regarding an on-going operation wherein he should have no involvement anymore? Why did not the President asked for the presence of SILG Roxas and PNP OIC Espina to formalize the “briefing” and establish, maintain and adhere to the “chain-of-command?” Does the President and his best friends not trust Espina and Roxas with the information and not inform them of the operation? Protocols were violated, rules disregarded and lo behold, people, lives are lost and wasted. Yes, they may have secured their target the terrorist Marwan, but at what cost?

“Bakit ka salita nang salita? Bakit hindi ka nanahimik sa estate mo sa Nueva Ecija?” Sen. Santiago scolded Purisima. “Under preventive suspension ka, nakikialam ka… Biro mo, apatnapung tao ang namatay.” (Image via ANC)

“You’re under preventive suspension and yet you were still dipping your finger in the pie. You were participating at none of your business at that time,” Sen. Miriam Santiago said to Purisima. My point exactly. More on that here.

Aquino, as commander-in-chief should be held liable to his decision in trusting a police office under preventive suspension – a decision that costs 44 lives. Purisima, knowing himself that he is in preventive suspension should be held liable for “dipping his fingers” in the figurative pie that is the Mamasapano Operation. Though Napeñas is also liable as he was the ground commander handling the operation, it seems as though concerned officials made him the “fall guy” and now pointing all the blame on the operation.

Imagine if the operation went smoothly, the President victorious in helping his best friend redeem his reputation and career that is beleaguered with controversy and corruption – they, best friends will be saviors, nay, heroes in the eyes of the people. If only they have thought of other’s lives more and not only themselves their supposed “glory.”

What now?

The Senate has ended their investigation “in aid of legislation” and we now await the report they will produce. It will outline accountability and will help our legislators in legislating laws that will prevent this disastrous event from happening again. The Board of Inquiry is also almost finished – with over 400 statements aiding their investigation. It has been a month since the event has happened. Families of the SAF 44 are awaiting justice for the lives of our fallen men. We await results – and hopefully, these results and accountability will not be as lame and useless as previous investigation on events that happened in this Administration.

Justice delayed is justice denied.



Soundbites“Ah, lahat na lang ituro niyo sa SAF Commander? Forty-four men are dead and you’re all pointing fingers to the SAF Commander? Common sense dictates—sentido comon na lang ito eh, hindi naman siya ang pinakamataas eh. Sinong mas mataas sa kanya? Ang chief ng PNP, pero preventively suspended ka. Tapos ‘yung kapalit mo na acting chief, ayaw ninyong sabihan. Wala siyang kaalam-alam. Kaya sino lang ang nakaalam? Ikaw at si President Aquino.” – Senator Miriam Santiago to Resigned PNP Chief Alan Purisima

“I gave advices, not orders.” – Resigned PNP Chief Alan Purisima

“Nagluluksa po kami, we mourn with you but one injustice cannot solve another injustice.” – Senator Alan Cayetano in response to MILF Chief Negotiator Mohagher Iqbal after Iqbal presented a history of massacres involving Moro communities in Mindanao

“Talaga pong wala sa kanyang schedule ‘yan.” – PCOO Secretary Sonny Coloma, defending the President for his no-show on the arrival honors for the SAF 44

“As you all know, I’m the OIC of PNP, no doubt we are in the peace process because we are peacekeepers. Walang may gusto ng katahimikan kundi kami. Pero sir, we seek for clearance, sir. We seek for clear answers from the other party of the peace process. Ano ba itong overkill na ito na ginawa niyo sa mga tao ko?” – an emotional PNP OIC Leonardo Espina on what happened to his SAF Troopers

News and Opinions 2

News Round-up: January


1. In aid of Legislation? The Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee hearings on the Makati Parking Lot Building

MakatiThe Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee hearing began last 2014, after allegations of overpricing in the construction of the Makati Parking Building was  divulged.  Since then, different allegations and accusations were made against Vice President Jejomar Binay, his son Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and their staff, and countless hearings led by Senators Antonio Trillanes, Koko Pimentel and Alan Peter Cayetano, were conducted, “in aid of legislation.” The senators, in particular Cayetano and Trillanes are well known detractors of VP Binay. Primary witness and “whistleblower” is former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, who had a falling-out with the Binays after being denied of their support in 2010’s Local Elections as Makati Mayor. Binay has then since denied the allegations of overpricing and corruption, claiming that all transactions were properly audited. Last January 22, the investigations continued with Housing Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) President Atty. Darlene Marie Berberabe put on the spotlight as the three senators continued to look into accusations of connivance and corruption in the security contract made between HDMF and Omni Security Investigation Inc, which is allegedly owned by the Vice President. Also on the 22nd, new claims against the VP was made by ex-ally Mercado: VP Binay allegedy got almost Php200M worth of kickbacks in a land deal made by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) with Alphaland. Binay is currently the President of the said organization. The BSP has denied allegations as well as the camp of VP Binay, claiming that these are all part of a propaganda backed by influential people in order to derail the VP in his ambition to be President in the 2016 Elections.

Prospero De Vera, vice president for public affairs at the University of the Philippines, said failure to provide a committee report could be seen as an indication of the Blue Ribbon Committee’s performance. (Infographic source: GMA News Online)

In a special report done by GMA News Online (which you can read in full here), out of 13 Blue Ribbon Committee inquiries done (consisting of almost 70 hearings) since 2010, only 3 of these inquiries produced proposed bills. The last time the panel (officially named the Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations) came out with a report was December 19, 2011, during the 15th Congress. The report was about the alleged misuse of almost 244.5 million pesos in intelligence funds from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). In the report, plunder charges were recommended to be filed against former President now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and PCSO General Manager Rosario Uriate. On that same year, 2 more reports were also filed, one in March 23, on the alleged anomalous purchase of second-hand helicopters for the Philippine National Police and another on October 13, on the plea-bargaining agreement between state prosecutors and former Armed Forces comptroller Major Gen. Carlos Garcia. Bills were filed as a result of these reports but only 2 were passed into Laws, Republic Acts 10365 and 10167, both were enacted to strengthen the Anti-Money Laundering Law.

According to reports, the senators plan to undertake this investigation until November, for they will be delving in all Binay-related anomalies.

2. Papal Visit to Sri Lanka & the Philippines

Pope Francis and the official logo of his Papal Visit with the theme, “Mercy & Compassion”

Also in the headlines is Pope Francis’ Papal Visit to the Philippines and Sri Lanka. The leader of the 1.2 billion Roman Catholic populace made his first trip to both countries, in Sri Lanka to canonize a saint and in the Philippines to visit the survivors and victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name “Haiyan”)

For the trip, local media sent their representatives that joined the Pope in his trip to both countries from Vatican and back. Reports say that Pope Francis was deeply moved by the welcome and love that the Filipinos has given him during his 5-day visit to the country.

Until now, stories regarding the Papal Visit is still making headlines. Most recently, stories and pictures of street dwellers that were allegedly kept away and hidden during the Pope’s visit are on the top stories of newspapers, TV and radio newscast. Reports indicate that street dwellers in the City of Manila, in particular those living at Roxas Boulevard were asked to leave the area. Other reports indicate some homeless were taken to a resort at Batangas by officials of the Department and Social Welfare and Development. There were also some street children that was rounded-up and brought at the local government of Manila’s Reception and Action Center.

More on this story:


Banner Tech

3. Microsoft unveils Windows 10 – what’s new?

Microsoft unveiled its new iteration of the Windows operating system last quarter of 2014. Windows 10 will run across all devices, ranging from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

January 21st saw Microsoft demo the new iteration of its Windows operating system. Dubbed as Windows 10, it will run across all device platforms, ranging from desktops and laptops – even in smartphones.

Microsoft’s vision for it’s operating system is for it to work on both mobile devices and PCs. Other that visual changes like reworked desktop icons, the Start Menu (which was changed, for some the right words was scrapped out in Windows 8) has a new implementation. For desktops, the standard Start Menu like in Windows 7, with pinned Live Tiles at the side. For tablets, the expanded start menu as introduced in Windows 8 and 8.1. For convertible devices, Microsoft introduced the Continuum feature, which allows smooth transition as you switch from keyboard/mouse to tablet, the continuous effort from the software giant to keep the best of both worlds.

Screenshots of Windows 10 optimized for smartphones

For smartphones, Windows 10 will be tailored to work for small screen devices. Syncing between devices was emphasized, and a more deeper Skype and OneDrive integration will be implemented for the OS. Familiar with Cortana? WP’s digital assistant will now be available in the desktops as it will be deeply integrated in the system. Speaking of integration, Cortana will not only be involved in your phone and desktop, but also in your browser. Microsoft also unveiled the much rumored “Project Spartan,” its new web browser to debut alongside Windows 10. Presented with a cleaner look in line with the modern interface of Windows 10, Project Spartan promises rich features for its future users.

Transform your world with holograms

Microsoft did not only announce Windows 10, it also unveiled a project in tied with the OS and according to them, the future of computing – holographics. Primarily, the product capable of immersing you in this world, the Microsoft HoloLens. HoloLens is a see-through visor that overlays holographic imagery over the real world. Alex Kipman, who worked on Kinect, described it as the future of technology, art, and everything.

What’s next for Microsoft? Watch what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has to say for Microsoft’s future:

Watch the video of the Microsoft HoloLens:

Microsoft HoloLens

More on this story:

(Source: Microsoft Website)



4. Miss Universe 2014

Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2014 (Image from Miss Universe Facebook Page)

The 63rd annual Miss Universe beauty pageant was held the 25th of January (26 in the Philippines) at Doral, Florida in the United States. 88 lovely and beautiful ladies graced the stage to compete for the crown. Among the 88 candidates, Philippines’ representative, Bb. Pilipinas Universe Ms. Mary Jean Lastimosa managed to reach the Top 10 in the pageant. Unfortunately, she was not able to make it to the Top 5. Ultimately, Columbia’s Ms. Paulina Vega was crowned as Miss Universe 2014.

Social media was full of comments and support for the candidates. Upset fans of  favorites like Miss Philippines and Miss Jamaica took to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointment.

Here is the complete list of winners for the beauty pageant:

  • Miss Universe 2014: Paulina Vega ( Columbia)
  • 1st Runner-Up: Nia Sanchez ( USA)
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Diana Harkusha ( Ukraine)
  • 3rd Runner-Up: Yasmin Verheijen ( Netherlands)
  • 4th Runner-Up: Kaci Fennell ( Jamaica)
  • Top 10

    Mary Jean Lastimosa, in her swimwear during the 63rd Miss Universe pageant (Image from Miss Universe Facebook Page)

    • Valentina Ferrer ( Argentina)
    • Tegan Martin ( Australia)
    • Mary Jean Lastimosa ( Philippines)
    • Desirée Cordero Ferrer ( Spain)
    • Migbelis Castellanos ( Venezuela)
  • Miss Congeniality: Queen Celesti ( Nigeria)
  • Miss Photogenic: Gabriela Berrios ( Puerto Rico)
  • Best in National Costume: Elvira Devinamira ( Indonesia)

(Source: Miss Universe Facebook Page, Website and Wikipedia page)

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5. MRT & LRT fare hike, Oil & diesel rollbacksRoadwatch

Last in our top headlines are the latest hikes and rollbacks with relation to our transportation industry.

MRT and LRT fare hike

A few days after the new year celebrations, the Department of Transportation and Communication announced that effective January 4, 2015, the rates of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit(LRT) will have an increase. This took the public by surprise as during the past few months, the DOTC and the management of the transit systems have announced that the fare increase will temporarily be halted for further studies and consultation. As of today, multiple petitions were made at the Supreme Court and at DOTC by different commuter groups and leftist organizations to secure a temporary restraining order (TRO) for the fare increase.

Dwindling oil prices

The continued downtrend in international oil prices has led to multiple rollbacks in domestic pump prices. Diesel prices now ranges from Php26-27 while Gasoline prices now ranges from Php37-40. Oil companies said the price reduction has reflected movements in the international oil market. Department of Energy (DOE) Undersecretary Zenaida Monsada said that it is hard to predict whether international oil prices will drop further, but pointed out the international oil industry analysts note the market is well supplied. The decreasing trend was triggered when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided not to cut production in Nov that resulted in the oversupply of oil. Due to the continuous decrease of oil prices, various petitions to also decrease fare rates for public transport such as PUJs, PUBs and taxi cabs have sprung nationwide.

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News and Opinions 2

Judgment Day: Eleksyon 2013


May 13, 2013. At exactly 7 am, registered voters will troop to their voting precincts to elect their next legislators and local government officials. The day that the tables are turned, when the power shifts – to the people. Every candidate is at the mercy of the voters, whether they would sit for another term or not, or serve for the next 3 years or not. May 13, 2013. Election day. A day in every 3 years that we are given the chance to forge our lives, and the lives of our fellow Filipinos as we elect the leaders of this country.

Politics, experience, The Senate and Nancy

The past few days numerous tweets, posts and news articles were circulating over the web about Nancy Binay. I’ll get to the point: people are contesting her candidacy because of her inexperience in the field of politics. To be fair, she has served in different non-government organizations and was her father’s and her mother’s personal assistant. To those who are attacking her, let me tell you that as a personal assistant of a mayor or a high ranking official, you are immersed, if not even involved with the affairs and decision making process of the particular person you are serving. It’s not fair to compare a PA of an actor/actress to a PA of a government official – those have two very different job descriptions, duties and responsibilities. But still,as her detractors may say, such experience is really not enough to warrant a position in the Senate. As a Congressman or even a Councilor, it may be enough, but as a Senator? I am one of those who think that you need more than that to be a Senator of this Republic.

Having said that, I also do not want to see Nancy Binay win. But I also believe that attacking her below the belt, is not fair and not just. Particularly the satirical articles in websites masquerading as news websites that directed against her. It seems poor taste for the authors of the website to that particularly that elections is tomorrow and surely, many readers will take the article as cold, hard truth. Some will surely misinterpret the intentions of such article. and instead of giving a breather to serious news, it would look like a political attack against the candidate. And to tell you the truth? In my opinion, the article is not ridiculing the person anymore, but discrediting and degrading her instead.

The best solution? Don’t vote for her if you don’t want her. Period.

Thrilla in Manila: Asiong vs. Dirty Harry

Tale of the Tape of "The Battle for Manila"

Tale of the Tape of “The Battle for Manila”

Meanwhile in the City of Manila, many are anticipating the finale of the battle between Former Pres. Erap “Asiong Salonga” Estrada and incumbent Mayor Alfredo “Dirty Harry” Lim, for the position of Mayor of the City. It’s quite fun and irritating to see two old men arguing, trading barbs and throwing mud at each other, instead of discussing issues and problems that is straddling the City now. Have you seen Estrada’s political ad? I think is stupid to accuse the present administration of corruption and inefficient management considering that his running mate, Isko Moreno, is part of that administration for so long. So how will solve the problem if he is part of the problem? Weird right?

Tomorrow, the people of Manila will decide who will lead them for another 3 years: Estrada or Lim? The decision will be known after the counting and canvassing of the votes.

Cash or check? Vote buying in the PH

Because of the COMELEC’s claim that the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) Machines is not vulnerable to hacking thus not susceptible to cheating (unlike what some computer experts claim) candidates are resorting to vote buying. Appealing to the Filipino’s sense of utang na loob, vote buying is one of the “effective way’ to ensure a win. I agree. And at the same time, disagree.

Perhaps in some families, this will happen. Since they (the candidates) gave them money to provide for the family, they will vote for that candidate thinking that they owe him or her for the ‘help’ they gave to the voter. But, some ‘entrepreneurial’ Filipinos, or wais ika-nga sa Tagalog, will accept and use the money, but still voting for their preferred candidates. Both are bad, but the latter is the lesser evil.

COMELEC tried to implement a resolution to curtail vote buying, by putting a ‘money ban’ or a restriction in withdrawing and carrying large amounts of money. While the intention is good, the consequences might be disastrous if implemented because it would harm businesses and the economy. Immediately the SC stepped in and implemented a status-quo ante order.

Can we stop vote buying? Not today I think. Until our voters are educated, vote buying will continue. Until there are still those people who are poor and cannot provide for their families, vote buying will still continue. And until there are politicians and candidates who take advantage of these people? There will still be vote buying.

Voting preferences: Who should you vote?

Charismatic. Handsome. Beautiful. Has ‘Sex Appeal.’ Are these the qualifications voters use to choose who they will vote? Apparently, yes, some does include these characteristics in their checklist. Sorry, but I can only say to you these words: Please, wag ka na lang bumoto. Masasayang lang ang boto mo sigurado.

Why not vote for someone who has ideals? Someone who has integrity, who is honest and trustworthy. Someone who has a vision, a dream for this country, and not for himself. Someone who is independent and has their own stand. Someone who has conviction to stand in what they believe in. Someone who is not a lackey that will follow the orders of those more powerful than them. Someone who is firm in their beliefs. Someone who stand behind the Filipino people.

Vote for those who fight for what is right, what is just and what is proper. Vote those who fight in strengthening the Filipino family and not ‘advocating’ policies to destroy it. Vote a candidate who believes in the strength, abilities, talents and capabilities of the Filipino.

Photo courtesy of GMA News' Dapat Tama advocacy.

Photo courtesy of GMA News’ Dapat Tama advocacy.

Bumoto ng kandidato na may nagawa, may ginagawa, at may gagawin pa. Suportahan yung kandidato na naniniwala na may pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas, at naniniwala na may pag-asa pa ang mga Pilipino. Bumoto ng TAMA. Dapat Tama!

It does not necessarily mean that you have to vote 12-0 or whatever crap that they are suggesting, just because THEY believe that those people will help their ‘tuwid na daan.‘ NO. Use your mind, think and analyze whether or not those you are voting will really help our country. Use your conscience. Vote not because someone dictated you to do so, but do it in your own will and conviction.

But most importantly, VOTE. Because your one vote can help make the changes we need. It will dictate the future of this country and its people.

Big 3 Networks’ election coverage

ABS-CBN News' Halalan 2013 coverage logo

ABS-CBN News’ Halalan 2013 coverage logo

On a personal note, I’m very excited to watch the election coverage of the news organizations of the three networks: GMA-7’s GMA News and Public Affairs, ABS-CBN’s ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs and TV5’s News5.

GMA News' Eleksyon 2013 coverage logo

GMA News’ Eleksyon 2013 coverage logo

I do hope they do a good job, presenting election news and information to the people truthfully, in a fair and balanced manner.  In the Service of the Filipino Worldwide, Walang Kinikilingan, Walang Pinoprotektahan, Walang Kasinungalingan, Walang Bahid Pulitika, Serbisyong Totoo Lang. 🙂

Truth, Lies and Flattery: Campaign ads

We are now on the middle of the campaign circus… I mean, period for the national candidates, senators and party-lists. We are on the verge of the local campaign period which will start on Black Saturday, March 30. But the reality is, the campaign period already started last 2012. In guise of “infomercials” and anniversary ads. And I quote, “Hanep na ang buhay!”

Delicadeza is a common word used before, during and after elections, but ironically,  seldom practiced. Is it not showing delicadeza by not releasing what they like to call infomercials but are really campaign ads? Is it not showing delicadeza not to run again if you are accused, been accused, and worse, convicted of criminal, civil, even election-related crimes committed against the people, pardoned or not? (I’m not going to include being accused of corruption because well, half or maybe more than half should not run if they have delicadeza. Sad truth.) Is it not showing delicadeza by respecting the vote of the people, instead of complaining, whining and crying out that you’ve been cheated? Well, I say, Filipinos are really familiar with the word. Many Filipino politicians meanwhile are also familiar with the word, but do not practice it.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) have reminded candidates that campaigning is prohibited tomorrow, Maundy Thursday and on Good Friday, to show respect and deference to the observance of Holy Week and as stated in Section 5 of Republic Act 7166. The Commission (@COMELEC) asks us netizens to report to them those who are illegally campaigning by using the hashtag #HuliWeek and #SumbongMo on Twitter. We should especially keep an eye on local candidates, which I’ve noticed as their campaign period looms, the number of illegal posters, streamers and leaflets are cropping everywhere, especially in Quezon City. And considering that their campaign period hasn’t even started yet.

Truth and Lies. Is what you really see, is what you get? Do what they say, what they do really reflect what kind of person, what kind of leader, what kind of public servant they are? Not always, especially not on their campaign ads.  We can’t deny that political names like Binay, Aquino, Estrada, Arroyo, Magasaysay, Enrile, and others still has a pull on the masses. Names of showbiz personalities like Revilla, Sotto and Estrada (again) are also very easy to be recalled in the minds of the people. But, I believe that a true leader and public servant is not measured by his family name and lineage, but by his achievements, accomplishments and actions. Continuing your parents advocacy and goals when they were in position is really an admirable and good goal, especially if these projects, laws and accomplishments really help the people. But, you can’t really continue anything, or something not when they haven’t started anything at all. Di ba Poe? On a different point, on the topic of eyesore TV ads, it is especially ridiculous to see the President and Risa Hontiveros in the ad where they “sing”  her supposed advocacies. And by all things holey, she even has the gall to appear as a guest in an entertainment show like Gandang Gabi Vice!! Is that really the right forum to share platforms and advocacy? Or she wants to be discovered and be an entertainer? One word: TRAPO. Do they really think that voters are stupid enough to fall for that?  Well, recent SWS survey results (which gladly she’s not in the top 12) say that perhaps, our voters are starting to be wise and educated.  (The “formula on political ads on this report.) To add, an ABS-CBN News report says that she and her fellow candidates in the administration and their allies are the top poster violators. If they are already violating laws and rules blatantly and they are not even elected, what more if they get elected? Quoting GMA News’ election advocacy, DAPAT TAMA, sa isip at sa salita, DAPAT TAMA lalung lalu na sa gawa.

A candidate must be measured by qualifications, by what he has done and what he will do when elected. That is why we can’t rely on ads to define who a candidate is, what his/her platforms are. Thankfully, television networks and their news departments set up senatorial forums and interviews where we voters can measure, gauge, and asses the candidates if they are  qualified in the post they are running for. It is up to us voters to be alert, wise and educated on who we vote for. We cannot always rely on others to act for us, we ourselves must act. Even in the simplest way, by watching forums, participating in discussions will help you be an educated voter. Stop complaining, and start acting. Let us not be apathetic to the state of the politics in the country.  Because as ABS-CBN’s BMPM says, “It takes a nation, to build a nation.”


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